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Anderson Mill redevelopment


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The surrounding mill community should be in the city's plan for reclaimation.

Reproving the mill is the first step. The exterior walls remain. Everything else on this inside was mostly destroyed. A builder would reinforce the exterior walls with durable support and use new build on the inside.

If the reproved mill is residentially used, it should be considered for affordable housing. This will give some residents to upgrade into nice homes, and others improved or demolished to mkae way for newer homes.

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"Middle class" affordable housing might work. I agree that Anderson has had trouble turning neighborhoods around. Part of the problem though has been a lack of concerted effort. With the political change of guard last year (was it just last year) and the city council's new emphasis on neighborhood development, Anderson might be poised to do better.

The surrounding neighborhood though really is pretty unattractive. On one side is manufacturing. Across the street is a big trailor park and a thrift shop. Since Anderson doesn't really have morning traffic, you'd need to give middle class people a pretty good reason to move into renovated lofts in that location. Being close to downtown won't be enough.

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