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Burnside Ave Renaissance

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Courant article showing all of the recent projects on this key street.


I will add more after I pick up lunch

Lots of little things happening here. Those little things add up, so I am glad to see/hear about the changes. I am thinking it might be a little early to call it a Renaissance but its certainly improvement. If the new medical building happens and it sounds like it will, it will go a long way as they say for the perception. If all of these small things happen and then are followed by others, Burnside will be back. At the least it will be better.

I perrsnally would like to see the burnside brewing company set up a brew pub at their facility. every brewery should have a pub.

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There is much potential in East Hartford and I think that many of the main drags in town are beginning to come back to life after years of decline. IMO much of this is owed to Rentschler Field and the overall plan of developement for that part of town and it's having a positive ripple effect. I would also point out that after Goodwin College leaves there will be another large parcel with development potential on Burnside that if developed properly will help continue the positive trend.

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The Gazette has an article about "downtown" East Hartford

There is a new focus on downtown East Hartford after the town has "ignored" it for decades.


The new program will be known as the "Main Street Improvement Program" and will include "anyone who lives or has a business in the Main Street area," said Webb. "All the offices, all the residents are part of the group. We are going to focus on Main Street, we are going to figure out what is the business people do on Main Street. This is about gathering information from both the residents and the businesses about what concerns they have and want to implement. And we are going to do it as a group."

said Webb.

The Economic Development Director said the improvement project will gain expertise and "pro bono" help from the CT Trust for Historic Preservation, and Northeast Utilities, a major sponsor of the CT Main Street Program. NU and the CT Main Street Program helped launch East Hartford's Main Street Plus group in 1996.

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