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One Way streets in downtown Kalamazoo


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I'm old enough to remember when Michigan Ave. and Kalamazoo Ave were both two-way streets through downtown Kalamazoo and I drove on them. It was October 4th 1964 when traffic was changed to one way eastbound and Kalamazoo Ave to westbound. Before the change it was so neat to drive west on Michigan and come off of Portage street and head west. There were two lanes in each direction with a left turn lane at each intersection.

Although it would slow traffic down (which might be a good thing) it would sure make it easier to get around downtown if all these streets were converted back to two way. If nothing else I wish they would change Lovell and South streets back to two way streets.

I know it's been talked about for several years now, but with budgets the way they are, I just don't see it happening anymore. What do some of you think of the idea?

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I would like to see this happen. Difficulty in navigating the one ways downtown is a common complaint among newcomers and visitors.

Additionally, it would slow down through traffic which would be a GOOD thing. Although I can remember appreciating the ease of cruising through downtown from east to west especially, that is all too often what happens. People fly down Michigan or Kalamazoo at 45 mph hitting the timed lights and are in and out of downtown in less than 5 minutes.

I think that two way streets would calm traffic a little and make the area more pedestrian friendly. Whether or not thats in the budget over the next 5 years, we'll see.

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I agree, the one way streets have got to go, Lovell and South especially because it would make these areas more residentially friendly.

I assume the one way streets were instituted to ease the travel of Upjohn workers going to and from downtown, or something? Does anyone know? Today they are just a nuisance for all parties, I think. The budget is a problem, but hopefully it will still be on the agenda at some point in the future.

Also, the convergence of Stadium Drive, Michigan Ave. area needs to be reworked so that it is more pedestrian friendly for students and others who could potentially enter downtown this way. Some sort of two way streets, bike/pedestrian sidewalk would be great. The way it is configured now sets up a virtual wall between Kalamazoo College/WMU and Downtown (which is the way the wanted it at one point, I'm sure).

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I think it's an excellent concept, I keep dropping little hints about it all over the internet where I go. It's fine if traffic on Michigan Ave is slowed down. The way development has progressed you could make Kalamazoo Ave your through traffic corridor. I've checked and there's more than enough room from two lanes in each direction. And to expedite traffic therein you could limit turns off of Kalamazoo so that if people want to access other parts of downtown they use Michigan Ave as their local traffic corridor.

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