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Potsdam NY

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Not a city at all, but this is the cultural center of the North Country.

It is also the town I spent my formative years. 6-16.

Recently Hampton Inn/developers chose a parcel in the downtown to build a new 85 room hotel.


Also on that same news letter you will see the state gace some funds to expand a business incubator.

literally any development in this part of the state is a plus. so a new hotel is a big deal. There is only one other decent hotel in town, all the rest are rural motels. It is possible that this cain would put one of those mom and pop motels out of business, there would still likely be a net gain in jobs and also downtown density and of course amenities.

Walgreens has wrapped up construction of its first store in northern New York at the intersection of Route 56 and May Road

SUNY Potsdam students for the first time are living in the recently constructed $7.4 million, 114-bed Town House complex located at the southeast corner of campus. The Town Houses, which were completed in August 06, will usher Potsdam into the 21st century, beginning a new phase of highly anticipated construction, renovation and expansion. Phase II of an additional complex is slated for occupancy in fall of 2008.

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