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IN-PROGRESS: New London Parade

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NL Parade Project Bids Due Soon.

For quite a while now NL has been looking to create a regional transportation center out of the old train station. I guess this is part of the project.

The train station is a great building, and is used by Greyhound, and is a short walk to regional ferries.

I also saw that NL is seperately trying to sell the parking lot that Cross sound ferries rents to them.

Here is some more about the Parade development that looks nice. from theDay


there is a nice little rendering too.

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I found this site while looking into this project to see where it stands.

this is just old pictures of NL. its nice to see how little has changed. and I like to think the parade will some day become what it once was.

and this one too


a non profit for the promotion of the old waterfront. there is an events section

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As it turns out the link I first posted is dead now.

here is a great replacement link.


this link will lead you to 3 other articles and an overiew of progress


article 1


The project would:

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