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Back Yard Wildlife


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I know we encroach on nature in many places in this country. I thought it would be sort of cool to start a photo thread of the wildlife that survives in the urban and rural settings of Middle Tennessee.

I think this is a Red Shouldered Hawk that landed right outside my window the other day. I have some other photos of deer and other animals that frequent my neighborhood that I have to find. I live 20 minutes from DT Nashville, but only about 2 miles from a wildlife refuge.


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I saw a Falcon DT a while back hunting for breakfast.

I found a few more shots. I think I must have deleted the rest. I had one with three deer and another with a ten point buck eating out of a bird feeder.


Don't be fooled by the size. He is only about two inches tall. Its a female Ruby throat ed Humming bird


This little fellow decided to get caught after prowling through the trash. I took him a few miles away for a new home. Needless to say the trash has bricks on the lid now.


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