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Photo of the Day- Washington/Baltimore Metro


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Still tinkering with Flickr....The photo was taken with a cell phone, so it's probably not worth enlarging anyway. I have taken some new ones on my digital camera. but it may be a few days before I can get them uploaded. If you have any photos you'd like to submit to the daily photo thread, please do so.

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Thanks, one of my tricks is shooting in the few hours before and after sunset. Plus taking lots of pictures, even of the same subject, and only selecting the best one.


Another of JBGs faux urban projects, this one is Woodland Park in Herndon. It features a Haris Teeter, cleverly disguises a parking garage and pretty much follows new urbanism standards. It's a five minute walk from the future Herndon Monroe station.

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oh god, those apartments around the parking garage look awful, they really did have the opportunity, like pretty much every other development around here, to not put up some neo-eclectic piece of junk, and of course they took the cheap, easy route. And while i'm also extremely sick of the design of new-urbanist developments (they can be pedestrian-friendly and innovative in terms of architecture at the same time), i guess it adds something to the non-existent street life of Herndon...I really hope that soon, this new-urbanism fad passes by, and we can concentrate on putting our money and effort towards redeveloping our real urban areas, not creating more disney-fied development...

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The Blaine-Westinghouse Mansion on Massachusetts Avenue near Dupont Circle

Once the residence of James G. Blaine and later home to George Westinghouse, the building is now being renovated into condominium apartments. The addition in the foreground was added in the 1920's and was once the A&P grocery store. In later years, the addition housed a hardware store and a bicycle shop. The addition will most likely house some sort of restaurant (rumors have it that it will be a Belgian bakery cafe). An addition is being built on the left side of the photograph- more condos I assume. There may be office space as well. The building's exterior will be restored as closely as possible- this will include the restoration and reconstruction of several chimneys. If you can believe it, several of them are missing.

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I didn't see a Baltimore photo thread so hopefully it's okay if I post them here. These are from last month on my first visit to the city.





I was wondering around alone for a few hours on a Saturday trying to get to know the area is well as I could in such a short amount of time. I stubled upon this hidden community. The friend I was visiting had no idea what I was talking about when I told her about it.




I took a lot more just I don't want to make my post too big.

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