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2007 Population Trends

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Hello everyone! Here are the latest population estimates according to the US Census as of July 2007 for the underdog regions.

Hawaii: 1,283,388 up 4,753 since 2006 *I have serious doubts that the state only grew this much and that there was as huge a exodus as the Census estimated but of course we'll have to wait until 2010 to find out whats really going on.

Alaska: 683,478 up 6,028 from since 2006. Go Alaska! Looks like it will surpass the 700,000 mark in about 3 yrs if current growth trends continue!

Puerto Rico: 3,941,459 up 15,488 since 2006. *Puerto Rico is inching ever so closely to 4 million! Dayum.

*The following estimates are from the CIA World Factbook

Guam: 173,456

American Samoa: 57,663

Northern Mariana Islands: 84,546

US Virgin Islands: 108,448

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^The population appears to be slowing somewhat but then again the yearly estimates are not always accurate.

BTW here are some numbers at the city and municiple levels for:

July 2007

Honolulu CDP: 375,571 (Metro: 905,601) *Supposedly there was a population loss of 1,100 since 2006 but overall gain of 4,000 in the CDP.

Anchorage municipality: 279,671 (Metro: 362,340) *A slight decline in the municipality over 2006 according to the Census.

Fairbanks city: 34,540 (Metro: 97,484)

Juneau city and borough: 30,690

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