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I myself am not aware of most of the trails in the GR area but I wanted to share what Greenville's Trail looks like. There's only one phase that's not completed with it but that should be done within the next year or two. Which to add the last phase will be a very unique portion of the trail - since this will be crossing the oh-so-busy M-57 right by Meijer, it has been decided to run an underground tunnel instead of an overpass, and in the underground tunnel will have sort of a history of Greenville mini-museum ordeal.

Our trail here was actually donated by Fred Meijer himself - he paid for most of it - and he also has another trail that goes through Montcalm Community College in Sidney, the city of Stanton, city of Edmore, and then stretches to the city of Alma.

I'm interested to see what other trails are being built, already built, and proposed to be built to kinda see how all this may connect if it does.

I also included some of the trail work taking place in Belding. I know that they have a goal of eventually connecting to the Greenville trail through the flat river and then connecting to a possible future trail in the Lowell/Ada area.

Also to mention I could be way off in some of my lines I don't know the concrete plans of how it's all going to lay out together - but it's a rough idea nonetheless.

Greenville/Belding Trails

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