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Riviera Beach


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Riviera Beach Marina Plan in Turmoil

A plan by local developer Charles Catalfumo would turn a working-class marina into a yachting haven of luxury similar to what can be found on nearby Singer Island. The status quo for Riviera Beach isn't exactly cpomfortable. For those who may not remember, the ambitious Briny Breezes proposal divided the town and as ultimately shot down, perhaps by the interests of those with property nearby. The article below raises the point that the marina is nearly empty because of the rising cost of insurance on older boats.

Whatever the outcome. the future of Riviera Beach needs to be addressed. In its present state, it's more than an ugly duckling. The choice here, however, is clear as day. More immaculate lawns spritzed with Evian water or a continued slumber into decrepitude. Quite honestly, I'm leaning towards the latter. While something needs to be done about Riviera Beach, the marina doesn't need to be turned into another flummery of luxury. There's plenty of that to go around in Palm Beach County. As for the economics, it's hard to stare them in the face and see how the luxury quotient can be avoided. Thoughts anyone?

The Sun Sentinel

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I still believe that South Florida can have a bright future, if only they would manage their growth better. To return to the topic here, what do you think about Riviera Beach in its present state and what tack should the leaders there take to change it for the better? Luxury may not be the correct path to take at this point. I'm guessing that something more modest in scale might be appropriate, if not more lucrative. Therein lies the central problem with development in South Florida.

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sun sentinel had a article a year ago that stated the average person in south florida has a income of 28,000 while the average home at that time was 400,000. My point is, yes, development should be geared toward the middle class, not the upper class. Reason being is, there is not enough upper class to take up the amount of stock available in the present real estate market.

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