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A Plague of Bank Branches?


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Too Much of a Good Thing?

An article in today's Washington Post reminded me of how many bank branches I'm seeing at prominent corners all over town. These pennies from heaven are now cluttering the streets like dead leaves. While the stability and convenience of a bank branch is often good for a neighborhood, one can't say that most of them add much to street life, or life after business hours. I was disappointed to see the corner of Connecticut and S Street change with the presence of Commerce Bank. Nat that it isn't a good bank, If I didn't have an account elsewhere, I might even take my business there. It's friendly- and they don't even charge ATM fes- at least not yet. I would still have preferred to see something else there like a good restaurant or possibly a non-chain bookstore. Washington is rife woth banks. Is it time to put on the brakes?

The Washington Post

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