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Ok - porcelain, hand-painted baby monkey hatching from an egg.

The story behind this - a site called disturbingauctions.com - somebody has put together this site made up of pics of all the weirdest, most inexplicable stuff put up for sale on various online auction sites. The baby monkey sculpture is merely the tip of a very entertaining, and ultra-strange iceberg: evil clown lava lamps, Jesus lamps, taxidermied pets, liquor fountains shaped like nude women, an ashtray shaped like an elf's mouth, and some sort of remote control cart constructed out of a large ram's head (antlers worked into the decor). I'm not making any of this up. The lovingly hand-crafted pooduck (a cross between a poodle and a duck - c'mon, you gotta know what a pooduck is, right?) appears below:


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