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Commercial advertising on public sidewalks?


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On my walk down Fountain yesterday, I discovered business advertising written in chalk

on the sidewalk at the the Prospect and College intersections. Both were combined ads

for Bobby J's and RentGR.com.

Maybe I'm getting old, but defacing the public sidewalk is just not OK. Yes, I know it's temporary,

but it looks like hell. And before anyone accuses me of turning conservative, I do think that kids

writing on the sidewalk is harmless fun.

I wonder who the perp is? Local advertising intern trying to be a bit too clever? Misguided

employee of one of the businesses? Any guesses?


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I think that a restaurant or business downtown advertising in chalk on the sidewalk is fine, and sometimes even fun. As long as the chalk is outside their business, or simply pointing the way toward it. I love following the coffee cups to west coast coffee.

However, rentgr?? That's a little weird. I mean...are you going to follow the chalk arrows to rent an apartment?

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