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S.C. - A Retiree's Dream?


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South Carolina just got more positive press that will help attract retirees. It was just named, by Forbes magazine, one of the

"Seven Best (Unknown) Retirement Tax Havens."

You can read the article by following this link (it's a Yahoo! and Forbes collaboration):


We are certainly not in the Rust Belt, so after reading the article (which doesn't mention S.C.), click on the "In Pictures" slideshow in the little box that says "More from Forbes.com". We are featured on the last slide, but I don't think they were in any particular order.

Does S.C. do enough to provide incentives for retirees? Do we do too much? What are your thoughts on the influx of retirees to the state in general?

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I don't think we necessarily need to do more, aside from improving infrastructure that already exists (mass transit, medical access, etc.) But those are things that should be done anyway.

Retirees are coming in droves whether we specifically accomodate them or not.

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