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Local News in New Orleans  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite local newscast?

    • WWL (CBS 4)
    • WVUE (FOX 8)
    • WDSU (NBC 6)
    • WGNO (ABC 26)

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I have noticed that WDSU has improved, but it's still usually not for me. I'd put it third behind WWL and Fox 8. Has WGNO (ABC 26) ever had a newscast that put them at least near the top in the area? I can't remember them ever being higher than 4th in the ratings, and a distant 4th at that.

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Time is ticking for Sally and Angela at WWL, they are getting old they aren't what they used to be. Now for Dennis he'll be around forever hes still a graet Anchor and Reporter. Wdsu has gotten better they have more coverage , the most diverse news staff in New Orleans , and most of their anchors and reporters are yooung and mid-.aged. When Lucy first started to anchor the 10 pm newscast she was horrible, but now she has improved drastically. In my opinion here are the improvements that WWL needs to make to become that stellr news cast that they once were #1 sorry, but Sally & Angela anchoring days should coming to an end they would be wonderful reporters #2 hire some people of color , the only thing that you see are blondes #3 Build a new studio or get another set becasuse the one that they have is outdated #4 never have your medical reporter report a murder of anchor a news cast (that was a big mistake last week, just ask Eric)#5 hire a female weekend and morning anchor#6 start a weekend morning newscast and let Lee anchor it with a woman and #7 bring back holda or michelle to replace angela also bring back josh mcelveen ,thanh troung. Scott Satchfield has done a wonderful job replacing Ben Lemoine. Tell me what you guys think before you get defensive this is just my opinion. Oh, I forgot dough mouton needs some more training.

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I agree, I think Angela is still doing well. Sally Ann on the other hand, yes, she's "getting there" if you know what I mean.

A week ago, I was walking out of Jax Brewery on Decatur, and sitting in traffic right in front of me is Dennis Woltering, in a WWL-TV Ford Explorer. I did a double take, and I realized just how people like Dennis Woltering, or Angela Hill, Garland Robinette, etc. are serious local celebrities. You see them so much on TV, or hear them so often on the radio, that it's almost surreal to see them in person.

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I just got word that WVUE'S morning anchor Darrel Green will be leaving for an anchor position in Orlando, and Patrick Evans is no longer the weekend anchor due to personal reasons ,but he stll reports. Katrina has destroyed local news. After the hurricane we started to lose some of our greatest Reporetrs, Anchor, and Weatherfolks. WWL ahd the largest loss of staff , WDSU came in second , and WGNO places third ,but they did'nt have much of a staff pre-katrina. WDSU has been the winner in my opinion most of their staff stayed and the new people who they hire are awsome.

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