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Commuter Rail extensions?


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With the MTA presently working on the extending the 7 train line, it reminded me of reading stories years ago about the MTA talking about extending the Metro North Hudson Line into Northern Dutchess County and even having in terminate in the City of Hudson in Columbia County. Becoming curious, I tried to see if I could find any articles regarding these plans and this is about all I could find:


This being about 8 years ago I assume it has been abandonded all together, but I was just curious if anyone has heard anything since? I have heard talk of the MTZ taking over the Shore Line East in CT as far as New London but thats about all in terms of extending any of their current commuter rail lines. Anyway, being from that area originally I just found it to be interesting.

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Isn't it that MTA extended Metro North north on the Harlem Line to Wassaic and Dover Plains in northeast Dutchess a few years ago? I know it's currently in service now north of Southeast, but wasn't it extended from Southeast recently?
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