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70 Ionia gets ground level tenants


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70 Ionia will be getting a restaurant called Churchill's (named after the restaurant on Monroe) and Moxie Nightclub:


The design for the club is being done by "Mister Important" Design out of San Francisco. It looks like they have done some pretty cool bar designs.

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I put this over in the Restaurant Rumor Mill earlier, but since this thread has been started I'll post 'em here too.

A rendering was published on the second page of the Press section. No credit was given, but its from Mr. Important Design and is of the Churchill's bar...


also on Mr. Important's website is a conceptual rendering for Moxie...


Since I work upstairs and since we're providing architectural services, I should have a chance to get construction photos. I'll post them here when things progress.

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I'm sure Tormala is already pondering ways to spend the voluminous tax revenue the City is going to reap from all the high paying service sector jobs these establishments are going to create... and ten bucks says that in less than a month people will be whining about the lack of plentiful parking directly outside the doors of these places...

(going back to my weekend... where I can pretend we didn't just lose two more potential retail storefronts...)

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shannon the spin dog finally got bar!

din din diid din dind di di dind diind

house music is coming.

tuck in those long abercrombie shirts Gr and toss out those flip flops. get ready for proper bar attire.

gr is so wack with their dress codes its re-dick-ulous. you can wear cheap $3 amaco flip flops & holy jeans to the bar but no $100 tennis shoes w/ a suit

go figure.

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The article on Mlive from last week says:

"The vacant ground floor of the building that three years ago replaced the now-demolished Milner Hotel is expected to be transformed into a nightclub and restaurant by
mid- to late July

The complete story about menu/prices and days/hours of operation can be read here:


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I think its because some news stations are running programs that record text from speech. So the article will reflect gramatical and speech errors by the 13News and who ever they interview. Without editing the darn thing they rush to post it.

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