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Station project moving along

TRENTON --Travelers passing through the Trenton Train Station have grown accustomed to the web of steel beams and temporary wooden ramps, the steady drone of construction...

... Two new tenants -- a pizzeria and a newsstand -- have been awarded leases in the revamped station. But the largest retail space, which NJ Transit hopes to fill with a traditional, sit-down restaurant, remains available.

Construction on the $76 million rehabilitation project began in late 2005 and should be completed in early 2008, said NJ Transit spokesman Dan Stessel...

...Besides the new retail locations, two new restrooms will be added in the Trenton station -- in addition to the two currently in the building -- and a new mezzanine level will be constructed to provide office space for NJ Transit. All the retail spaces will be located on the first floor, said Stessel...

... About 6,000 travelers pass through the Trenton station every day. The station was built in 1891 and last renovated in 1972.

It's owned and operated by NJ Transit but also is used by Amtrak. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) provides service between the Trenton Train Station and Philadelphia.

Once people see the "magnificent structure" of the finished station, Palmer believes businesses will clamor for any unfilled retail spaces.

"It's going to be fitting of a capital city," the mayor said.

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Trolley pricetag jumps $15M

The reality of Bayonne's Peninsula Railway is still a work in progress - as is finding the cash for it.

The Bayonne Local Redevelopment Authority remains committed to installing a streetcar system to service the Peninsula at Bayonne Harbor - the former Military Ocean Terminal now being converted to a mini-city - but the projected price tag has jumped from $35 to $50 million.

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Trolley pricetag jumps $15M

I wasn't even aware of this project until recently! I'm always glad to hear about new rail projects, no matter how small. It would be yet another piece in the growing North Jersey light rail network (which, by the way used to be HUGE at one time) and great news for the new development in Bayonne. Still, I have to say, this thing is running kind of pricy. I hope they can keep it under control. More here:


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