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[Downtown Master Plan]


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Looks like a nice plan. Thanks for posting. Lexington seems to be headed in the right direction. I like the street grid-pattern with the spoke and wheel highways. The loop is cool and separate from the Interstate. It's amazing that a creek flows under the streets right thru downtown.

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Here are my recommendations. I enjoyed the DDA document very much, thanks for sharing it!

1. Construct the Newtown Pike extension as soon as possible. When is construction set to begin? This would alleviate some traffic woes, especially along S. Upper and West Main.

2. Reconstruct Vine Street per the urban canal alternative with two-lanes eastbound and one-lane westbound. Convert Main as two-lanes westbound and one-lane eastbound. This slows traffic down considerably and the same number of lanes exist, therefore no capacity has been reduced. The tile drainage was installed for the railroad and for flood control - the latter is no longer needed.

3. Convert the vast majority of roads into two-way. The exceptions are those that are too narrow for adequate two-way conversion, where the circulation would not be improved (some near Gratz Park are an example of this). To help alleviate some woes that may come with the conversion, especially with turning, curbs should be reconstructed for slightly wider turning radii, along with new crosswalk approaches.


5. Add way-finder signage. This is in the works but no money has appearantly been appropriated for this.

That's it for now. I can think of more later...

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pg. 3 --

1. I love the rendering of the proposed mixed-use structure along Main at the former Woolworth site. The current buildings are a mix of structures, some of which are not that historic or old. Many have had facade removals or severe alterations that restoring them would be cost prohibitive. Their densities are also not that conductive to a large number of residential units or commercial conversions (i.e. storefronts are too long and narrow). The current rendering (is this an actual rendering of the proposed project that I've heard about?) is quite bright, features storefronts, has a parking structure (underground?) and varied setbacks. That makes it better than many projects I've seen go up in many cities.

2. The proposed residential building along Vine Street looks quite nice as well. It has distinctive architectural features, has setbacks, different facade treatments and would compliment the canal project nicely. It has got to be better than the surface parking anyhow!


pg. 30 --

1. 6th item down: both houses are being renovated or have been renovated into new housing.

2. 8th item down: Kimball House property is being redeveloped into condos with new additions to the rear. It is of much higher density.

3. 9th item down: The sidewalk was just narrowed and rebuilt, but I have yet to see anything more come about :(

4. Changes occurred since plan was written: McDonald's now has a Chipolte's adjacent to the building but separated by a parking lot. The McDonald's is quite old and is prime for tear-down and rebuild as what has happened with other McDonald's.

pg. 31 --

1. 3rd item down: The loft project on MLK has been completed.

2. 4th item down: I think this may be happening soon. A vacant house was demolished, leaving the room indicated available.

3. 10th item down: New Gatton School of Business and Economics building is coming soon.

4. 11th item down: New North Hall has been completed.

It's coming along slowly, but the plan is being realized!

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