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The Triad is the running for an electric car manufacturing plant


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In the wake of Toyota showing interest in building a manufacturing plant in the Triad, another motor company that will produce electric cars is looking at the Triad, particularly sites near Mebane, NC and Piedmont Triad Intl Airport in Greensboro. but dont get your hopes up. while NC is in the running, its not the front runner. A sweet incentive deal could improve the state's chances.


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Those are cool cars. They go from 0-60 in just 4 seconds! Top speed is around 150 mph! and charging time ranges from 2 to 4 hours on a completly dead battery. You can drive 250 miles before it needs charging again. Best of all you dont have to worry about gas. The car will cost around $100,000 but its worth the cost in my opinion to drive a car that doesnt require gasoline and is enviornmental friendly. The technology still isnt there to the point where these are very long distance, cross country vehicles because after about 250 miles you have to stop for a couple of hours to charge. But most people dont travel far on a daily basis. best thing to do is keep it charged frequently so the battery power doesnt go down near empty. That mean less time per charge. These are great everyday go to work cars. I would love to have one of these cars in my garage. I didnt know electric cars were going to be put in production this soon. Im sure these cars hardly make any noise at all. In the up coming year or two the company will mass produce a $50,000 four door model called the Telsa "White Star" which will be competition to BMW's 5 series.

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