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New Britain Future of its DOWNTOWN, This is Good NEWS!

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January 22, 2007 NEW BRITAIN - Approximately 100 people met Tuesday in the Angelico's coffee, anxious to listen to the first public presentation of the future of downtown. The Chamber of Commerce of New Britain presented/displayed Tuesday "The Downtown Revitalization: To the City Plan for the future " (Revitalization of the Center: a Plan for the future of the City). Six months back, mayor Timothy Stewart designated a committee for the revitalization of the center through a subvention of the city of $250.000. Since then, the group of urban design of Yale and Communitarian Initiatives & Cooperative development, has helped the training groups.

The specialist and leader of the committees, Dick Harrall, president of Harrall-Michalowski Associates of Hamden, said that the essential goal of the committees is to "to fight against current". "The cities in Connecticut and our country are experiencing a dramatic resurgence and New Britain is positioned for this wave of inversion", Harrall said. Through an a presentation in Power Point that included photos, graphs and maps, Harrall discussed the revitalization of downtown. He made emphasis in four components that would valorize the city: - the development of a complex of public security in the corner of Main St and Chestnut. - the multipurpose development of a stage for sport events and of another nature, that would be in I associate between the city and the University of Connecticut Power station, and would be located in the corner of East Main St and Main St surrounds to the New Britain seat. - the development of an intersection between Chestnut St and Elm St, that traffic would eliminate. - the development of the land, known like Parcel 9, in the corner of Chestnut St and Truman Overpass/Elm St. "Already

we have analyzed several proposals or alternatives bringing people (urbanizing) of outside of New Britain", Harrall said.

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Cool Haaaaa.... I no the area that is close to the police station that is right behind it their, like a empty filed with some small trees and long grass so it is a big area to put something there.

I just got this article today and it was all in spanish so I have get it translated in english lol and I was like hmmm for right now that I remember.

This might not be a prophetic vision for my self hehehehehe.

But you no what I got a lil prophetic to say about Hartford and it dose blend into what is going on around NB and this I had to agree what my pastor said back in October 31 at night when we was in the visit of this church in the north end and this prophetic word that I'm about to say is... God is going work on the inside the city because its not going to be working around the outside no more its going to work on the inside. I

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