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Wireless Carrier

Guest donaltopablo

Which wireless carrier to do use  

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  1. 1. Which wireless carrier to do use

    • AT&T (GSM)
    • Sprint (CDMA)
    • Verizon (CDMA)
    • Nextel (iDen)
    • T-Mobile (GSM)
    • Other regional carrier
    • Don't have a cell phone

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Guest donaltopablo

I've got Verizon and Nextel. I've had most of the major carriers in the last 5 years and worked for Nextel for a very long time. Verizon is definitely my favorite of the bunch. Cingular was pretty good. TMobile is great cost wise, but I've had a lot of problems with them both in cell service, customer service, and BS charges on my bill. Had that a few times with Cingular as well.

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I have had Sprint, Verizon, Cingular, and Nextel all within the last 2 years, part of my job, and I have to tell you, I am most happy with Nextel, as most would be surprised, and not only because of the walkie talkie. I find Nextel's qality of sound service to be the closest to a regular land line phone, and never have any problems with it. The only thing I wish it could do is roam when out of a service area, so that is where the others are more practical for many people. Verizon definitely is the best of the bunch for coverage and quality of service, including customer service. Cingular, If I could find their call centers, I would destroy them all. I think they hire disgruntled ex-postal workes for their service reps. I have also had so many friends that have nothing but bad things to say about Cingular. Sprint, well, they are just turds with antanas. I have never had such a hard time trying to talk to someone on sprint phones, they sound like they are underwater.

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I got my first cell phone in 1998 and went with Sprint PCS. I still have my phone--a Samsung 1500 dual band. I really liked the phone and the quality of the Sprint PCS service--it was very clear. What I did not like was their customer service or the relatively high cost of their plans. During that time their coverage was a bit spotty. It worked fine throughout NC, but I was analog roaming anytime I went to western PA. I assume they have expanded by this time.

In 2000 I got a Nextel phone, an old school i1000. I went thru three years of paying near $70 per month for service. My original i1000 lasted up until sometime in early 2003 at which time the flip broke and the PTT button kept sticking. I got a "redesigned" i1000 for cheap at Staples. I kept it until October 2003 (or some time around there)--I just couldn't justify spending that much per month anymore. Nextel customer service is spotty at best. Their service area also blows. I was fine anywhere in NC, but on road trips up to western PA I would be without service for a long time (until I hit Pittsburgh).

In October 2003 I went with AT&T Wireless. They were running some great promotions at that time, otherwise I would have gone with Verizon. I initially got a Motorola T720 (or 722, now I can't remember), but it was a big stinking pile of poo, so a week later I went with the old trusty Motorola V60t.

I am still with AT&T wireless and still have the Motorola V60t. The phone has performed flawlessly, and I find AT&T wireless customer support to be a very nice change from the crack crew at Nextel. However, their wait times are incredibly long (longer than Nextel, if you can believe it). Service coverage with AT&T is definitely acceptable, much better than Nextel, and certainly better than Sprint was back in the late 90s.

I wonder how my service will be affected a year from now. By that time, I will be getting a bill from Cingular not AT&T wireless (AT&T wireless has been consumed by Cingular).

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