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Gospel Music Hall of Fame


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Last time I was in the Hall of Fame, the exibit was up, but that was back in summer of 05 I think. I don't remember much of the museum as I am not a huge Country fan. My sister and her husband are huge fans and I was playing host to the city. Not sure if the exibit is still up.

I have only been living Nashville for 6 years and the GMA (gospil music association) awards have been held here since I've been here and sure they were probably here before me. The event is about a week long from setup to strike. It is treated like FanFair but for Christian Music. Nashville also has a huge teen/young adults Christian conference held here yearly that last seveal days at the GEC that draws in hords of people from all over the southeast, and of course the music companies and Life Way are here. I am not a fan of the music, but it certainly has an impact on Nashvilles economy and would be a smart business venture for the city. We have the yearly crowds that will sustain it along with the secondary crowds that will visit from eventls like the CMA's, Fan Fair (or whatever they call it these days) and all the other small events involving NASCAR, the 4th of July Celebration, & festivals that are held downtown. It may not be as big of a draw as the CMHF, but it doesn't have to be anything huge.

While Nashville is moving toward urban living, right now downtown is for tourist. I don't have a problem with this since tourism is vital to our cities growth. Any other attraction whether it is a Gospil Music Hall of Fame or the African American Heritage Museum is perfect in my book. With more growth in business comes more growth in urban living to sustain the downtown economy between our tourist traps. I'm all for that.

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I have been to the CMHoF many times and am always impressed. Actually, I think that it is quite well done for a museum regardless of its subject matter and contains lots of great artifacts and performance spaces for demonstrations, etc, and it does emphasize how country music touches upon so many other genres. I do not think that the museum presents country music or Nashville as a hick tourist trap, but rather is pretty dignified. Personally, I think that it is way better than the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame.

Speaking of the Night Train to Nashville exhibit, my mom is a blues and R&B (the original version) fan and she really enjoyed the exhibit and I bought her the CDs for Christmas in '05 and she likes them a lot. She lived in Tennessee in the '50s and '60s and recalled watching the television show back in the day.

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