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Soul Food


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I've been going to Kleer-Vu with my family since I was a baby and it's the only restaurant that seems to have never changed. I love the fact that all of the food is home-made from scratch. My personal favorites are the ribs and macaroni and cheese. The people are friendly, but the only bad thing is that there is not adequate parking or seating (for food this good). A new restaurant has opened on the corner of Hancock and Castle Street called Jeff's. Haven't been there yet but, I hear it is worth a try. It's nice to see that local restaurants are still making an impact. List your favorite restaurants in Murfreesboro!

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Five Senses is my favorite local, "non-chain" place. It's a chef-owned restaraunt with pretty high end fare and a changing menu. It's one of the few places in Murfreesboro for foodies. It's not as good as Margot in East Nashville, but it's good that we have something like that.

Also, Bangcok Cafe is one the best Thai Restaraunt I've ever been to anywhere. They used to be on the square, but I believe they have recently moved to Robert Rose Drive.

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I don't know that I've ever officially had soul food, so I don't think I can comment intelligently on good places to eat it in Murfreesboro. However, if you're looking for some of my favorite eateries in the 'Boro in general here they are:

Slick Pig BBQ - Old school small town BBQ joint near the campus of MTSU. On Tuesdays they offer a 99 cent BBQ sandwich special (unless they've departed from that plan since the last time I went), and that means that during the semester the place is full of MTSU students on that day. There's also a location on South Church Street, but I've only eaten there once.

Moe's Southwest Grill - I've been a huge fan of this chain since eating at a Moe's location in Smyrna, Georgia three or four years ago. The food is fantastic! Our Moe's is located in The Oaks Shopping Center.

Chick-fil-A - The food is wonderful, and you will be hard pressed to find better drive through service at any other fast food establishment. It is located near Target off Old Fort Parkway.

The Chop House - Located in that newish shopping center across the street from The Oaks (the name of the shopping center escapes me at the moment), it has delicious steaks in a formal yet comfortable atmosphere.

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Mmm Moe's is very tasty. I like that they use fresh meat everyday and non-hydrogentated oils. I've been to other burrito joints but Moe's has the overall quality and taste I love. By the way, you may list any restaurants you like, including chains. I enjoy Jason's deli on occasion as they too are a transfat free restaurant. Kleer-Vu is not, however, so I do only enjoy limited dishes there.

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Dont' forget the peach cobbler at Kleer-Vu. Getting hungry as I type.

I would highly recommend Miller's Grocery out in Christiana. But call in for a reservation. It stays packed on Friday and Saturday. They also have a wonderful Sunday brunch.

The Front Porch used to be good, but last time I went it had gone downhill.

Not soul food-- but Marina's on the Square is a helluva great place. Don't forget the blueberry cheesecake (it is outta this world-- and I don't even like cheesecake!).

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