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'Kalamazoo?' movie to return to theaters


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Its good to see the local film get rereleased. I was not able to see it the first time, so this will be another opportunity to check it out. From the article, they are aiming for a much wider release.

Has anyone seen the movie already? I know some local hangouts were included like Sweetwaters, but anything else?

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I've not seen it but heard wildly divergent reviews. Nobody I talked to who saw it last time was indifferent. It was a love-it-or-hate-it type reaction.

I was happy to stand in Bronson Park while they were filming downtown and watch some of that.

They also filmed a scene down the Kalamzoo Mall that I had the pleasure of watching from my 3rd story office window back when I worked in Kzoo.

I'm hoping to watch it this time.

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I hope they don't rerelease it, it was terrible, I actually had higher hopes for it but It was actually embarrassing to me. I went with my family and we were the only ones in the theater and we ended up leaving early because it was so bad. I could tell from the very first scene where they filmed her "comming from Chicago" driving from the north on the wrong side of the highway on 131 business route. Most people wouldnt notice but along with a terrible plot, pretty bad acting and way too much weird inside references to kalamazoo, I hope it doesnt get played again

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