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USC's Classrooms and Office Buildings


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You got most of the big ones, but I think you're missinge a few. Wardlaw and Sumwalt come to mind. Then there are some small ones around the Horseshoe.. LeConte, Davis, Sloan, Barnwell, Hamilton, the current Health Sciences building, Currell, etc. It would be a truely monumental task to take pictures of all of USC's academic buildings. Thanks for sharing these and the others!

I really like the new School of Health.

I don't miss Gambrell at all. It took me forever to get used to that maze. :)

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I'm not of the mindset that we should obliterate our history simply because its not attractive. Certainly there are some that need to go, but most of them are ok, IMO, or need an interior overhaul. Most of those buildings need a major interior rennovation (at least they did while I was there). There is no public university that escaped the bad architecture phase. We should not erase our history, lest we be doomed to repeat it.

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