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Fratello Fired!


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I do think that it was time for a new direction, but I think the demonization that Frat recieved from many fans this season was completely uncalled for and quite frankly, pretty immature.

The guy inherited a 5-11 team and turned it into a back to back playoff team for crying out loud. Then the Grizz come into a season in which they miss half their roster (including their best player), end up having to rely mostly on rookies and second year players, have the most road games and the statistically toughest schedule thus far of any team in the league, and as a result, justifiably have a poor record....and yet, they are ALWAYS in every game they play, and have yet to lose a game by more than 15 points (they've lost 18 by nine or less points) and people are yelling at Fratello? That would be like blaming a homeowner for the meteor that hit their house. It's ridiculous.

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