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The fate of the old Cascade Saloon in downtown Greensboro


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This building was built in 1895 and is the only building left in Greensboro that has an iron cast facade. Its located in the Old Greensborough District on South Elm Street near Hamburger Square. It was once a restaurant decades ago and was a billiard hall. The building is also serve as the physical link between South Elm Street north of the railroad tracks and South Elm Street south of the railroad tracks. The building has been vacant for many years and the city council just passed a resolution declaring it a historical building. However it faces a delimia. The building sits in the right of way of the railroad tracks and the railroad company eventually wants the building demolished for high speed rail that will be coming through. Thats a good 15 years or more a way but it would be a shame to see it destroyed. Even if the building could be moved that would be great. But the demolishion of this building would create a big gap on South Elm Street. My guess is that if its demolished, the property would be turnned into part of the 1 mile mini lake (Rail Yard Park) that is suppose to stretch through downtown. but once the building is gone, nothing structurally can ever be built there becasue its in the rail road right of way. It would be a huge loss because it would be the loss of a building from the 19th century. The railroad companies have really become a hinderance to downtown development. The city is also try to get control of old rail yard from Norfolk Railway to build Rail Yard Park.

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