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Urban Holiday Shopping


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So let's help each other avoid the suburban malls and the chains this year for shopping and share suggestions for good places to get gifts in the Triangle!

A few of mine:

NoFo in Raleigh's Five Points. (Stuff you won't find anywhere else.)

Ten Thousand Villages in Raleigh's Cameron Village (or One World Market on Durham's 9th Street--similar store). Handmade crafts from around the world.

Exploris Gift Shop.

Native Threads, Durham's 9th Street. (Little oddities for those artsy people on your list).

Stuff Consignment Shop, West Martin St, Raleigh. (Mostly clothes, but unique retro furniture & accessories too.)

Your suggestions? ;)

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Here are a few that I usually end up shopping at:

Stitch on North St (local handbag designer's store/studio)

Firefly on Glenwood South (Men's & women's shoes/clothing... including a nice selection of American Apparel shirts)

Father & Son on Hargett St (vintage furniture, modern "antiques," etc)

Wardrobe (designer clothing), Accipiter (furniture, jewelry, etc), Cat Banjo (jewelry), and Tookie's Toys (toys, games) all in Cameron Village

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City Market has the Native Amerian store, and Peche, the chocloate store, etc.

Seaboard Station has Logan's Trading Company (gardening supplies), Galetea (women's clothign), Footlights (dance apparel), and Monograms, Inc. (letters of all sorts).

If you have the money, there's William-Cozart in the warehouse district (antiques), the billiard table store on Wilmington Street, just north of Riveara, and the Violin Maker on Hillsborough Street.

Media wise, Schoolkids Music (Hillsborough Street, Franklin Street), the Regulator and Quail Ridge bookstores, and the used stores (Reader's Corner, Nice Price, Books Do Furnish a Room, Ed McKay's) have plenty of options.

Unfortunately, Raleigh Unchained, the Raleigh Independent Business Alliance has been disbanded. Quail Ridge Books was one of the founding members and proponents of the organization. I think their clientele would follow them to a more urban location -- they moved from Falls of Neuse/Millbrook to Wade Ave with no problems.

Durham (Brightleaf, 9th Street), Chapel Hill (Franklin Street), and Carborro have plenty of options too.

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For Christmas gift, especially for kids. Don't forget the downtown museum shops. In particular, Exploris has some great and very unique gifts, from musical instruments, to art, to books. I have always found great Christmas presents there. And great stocking stuffers for kids.

And, don't forget gift certificates to downtown restaurants! Wouldn't someone's parents really enjoy a night out at Yancey's, for instance?

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