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City Halls & other Civic Buildings

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Toronto City Hall was designed by Viljo Revell of Finland when the City of Toronto held the largest architectural competition up to that point in 1957. After much debate, Revell's design was chosen, and completed in 1965.

The towers face southeast and southwest, so they are exposed to direct sunlight from sun up to sun down. The construction of these avant-garde buildings set off a sort of "revolution" in Toronto archiecture.




Old City Hall was replaced by New City Hall and now serves as a provincial courthouse. It took more than a decade to complete, and officially opened in 1899. It was designed by Toronto architect Edward James Lennox, who also designed several other famous buildings like Casa Loma and King Edward Hotel. It is also a wonderful addition to the city's architecture.




Queen's Park is the seat of the Ontario provincial government. It began as a park in 1860, and then the Ontario government building was dedicated in 1892. It is built in Richardson Romanesque style, and designed by Richardson Waite.




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The old Boston City Hall looks so much better than the current one. And the Fall River, MA city hall is interesting. I don't think I've ever see a building placed over a freeway like that. The building itself is on the ugly side though.

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Philadelphia has the largest city hall in the country, with 642 rooms. It's also the tallest masonry-bearing building in the world. No steel supports!








It's positioned at the center of the grid street system so it's viewable from all over the city, right in the middle of your siteline on Broad and Market Streets, the main N-S and E-W streets:


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I think Buffalo, like many other american cities, is a cluster of all sort sorts of diffferent architectures, all mixed up in to one city.

Kind of like the united states! A big salad bowl! Not meaning this in a negative side at all!

With all the different immigration from all sorts of parts of the world, the united states IS a salad bowl, BUT with a dressing that mixes it all together. And that dressing is what they have in common; they are americans, and live in the country of USA.

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^ Um, yeah, but SC4 city hall isn't real. And it isn't even that big.

I've always been amazed with Buffalo's city hall. I've never seen that art deco before. Very impressive.

I remember looking at pictures of old city halls across the midwest awhile ago. It's sad to see that many of them have been demolished.

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