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Summer Olympics In South America?


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I feel that if a South American city can put up an excellent bid they will certainly have the edge to host the games. Some possibilities...

Buenos Aires, Argentina - It lost in attempts in 1968 and 2004, so they have some experience with the process, I think it would be a matter of support public/private to really escalate their bid to contention level in 2016.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Is officially the country's Olympic candidate for 2016. It had failed to make the short list in 2004 & 2012, however they do host the Pan Am Games in 2007 so that could be a warm up to prove they can handle a large scale event.

Chile, as far as I know, a Chilean city hasn't even made a serious bid for the Oympics yet, however, if a frontrunner emerged, I'd think they'd have just a good of shot to win as the aforementioned cities.

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