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its fairly recent because it looks like GRAM is under construction and that Israels building is gone.

I say summer 05 because the 28th St / US 131 interchange is under construction

Edit: to further back this up,

the Civic work hasn't started, and there are no Big Big Penny-type of sculptures out where they were this summer.

edit: just went looking for the construction site at Michigan and Coit. It's still a land use.

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You're right, it's got to be late July or Aug. 05. There was about a two month time period between when they cleared Israels in mid-June, to when they started clearing the trees next to the Oldtown Riverfront Building to make way for the Marriott in late August. I have the pictures to back that up. :D

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I do like the image quality of Map Quest esp. when it comes to color and sharpness. I don't get the giant green box covering the sourthern half of the metro area as it does on Google Earth. I think one must have broadband to really enjoy it. But so does Google Earth. Now if sombody would combine the picture quality of MapQuest and the functionality of Google Earth, I would be in Seventh Heaven.

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