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Crate & Barrel Homes


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Apparently Crate & Barrel has gotten into the home design business and is doing designs for D-R Horton, a builder of mass produced McMansions that is one of the more dominate builders of middle manager sprawling neighborhoods in the Charlotte area. The corporations continue their march into every aspects of American life.

I can just imagine Mrs Minivan proudly telling somone this is a "Crate & Barrel" home. :wacko:

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Is a Crate & Barrel Home in 2008 any different than a Sears & Roebuck Home in 1908?

^Yes I think so. It's no secret there are Sears manufactured homes in the city. Even lesser known was that Lowes did exactly the same thing in the 70's when energy efficiency became popular and Lowes had a number of designs that met this requirement. I've seen some of these homes here too.

At the time Sears sold everything even farm equipment so this wasn't unusual. Today's sears bears little resemblence to the retailer of that day. Lowe of course started here as a lumber yard so selling pre-packaged homes for them was a no-brainer. It drove lumber sales.

In the case of C&B stamping its name on DR Horton homes, this would seem to be nothing more than a marketing ploy.

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