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Why are some Eckerd signs Red


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I found the answer. Thanks to someone emailing me. Eckerd was split when it was sold. CVS got some and Brooks Pharmacy got others. All the Eckerds bought by CVS were changed to CVS. The Brooks Pharmacy Eckerds remained. Brooks Pharmacy to show customers that Eckerd was a part of the popular northern pharmacy has made many of the signs red to match Brooks Pharmacy colors. This will all change though when Rite Aid rebrands all remaining Eckerds.

Kinda stupid, we don't know what Brooks Pharmacy is. I just thought it stupid when i saw red signs.

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Wouldn't those Eckerd stores just change over to CVS stores and replace Eckerd sigs with CVS signs? In the last round of Eckerd buyouts by CVS, all those Eckerd stores have since changed to CVS. As a matter of fact, older Eckerd stores are being closed and new ones built at nearby major intersections. CVS seems to be putting a LOT of money into converting Eckerd stores over to CVS stores.

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