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Most important Suburban Highways


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I know this sounds silly, but this forum needs to be livened up. Anyway, What do you think are the most important metro Atlanta highways (not interstates) in terms of retail, population and traffic flow. Here are a few of mine located all over the metro.

Holcolm Bridge- Stretching from Roswell to east of Norcross where it turns into Jimmy Carter, it is a retail and transporation hub for Roswell and southwest Gwinnett.

Roswell Road: This is one of the most overdeveloped roads in all of the metro, but it serves as the biggest ethnic enclave in all of North Fulton housing thousands of hispanics and Asians.

Ashford Dunwoody Road: I'd consider this to be the ritziest road in all of the metro, considering it is home to Perimeter Mall, a host of other upscale retail and beautiful upscale housing.

Bullsboro Drive: Maybe I'm just playing favorites, but this highway stretching from Newnan to Peachtree City does serve as the Retail hub for most of the southwest metro with every store imaginble.

Camp Creek Parkway: This road in southwest Fulton is the epitome of renewed interest in South Fulton with the new Camp Creek Marketplace and tons of new retail.

Buford Highway: Some may call it tacky, but it is wothout a doubt the most ethnic road in the metro, providing North DeKalb and south Gwinnett with many International stores and restaurants.

Up and Comer- South Fulton Parkway: This road is being touted by developers as the main catalyst for South Fulton growth. It already is home to many new subdivisions, but is also expected to be a nanotechnology hub and the green light for the start of Wolf Creek, a mega development in Carroll County by the Chattahoochee.

What are yours???

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