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Tampa Museum of Art


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Well, it looks like the plan to put the art museum in the cubes and part of the "Beer Can" down town is off. I really wish that we could get the new museum off the ground though. Tampa has a pretty good art museum, but it could be a defining part of hte city if our civic leaders could get behind a plan and go forward. Here is a link to the arrticle in TBO from today:TBO link

Tampa needs to add culture to DT, and a great art museum is a good place to start. Now, if there were only a way to get there easily by rail..........cough, cough, trolly extension. Oh, wait, that might make it too easy for people that come in on cruise ships to get to though. :rolleyes: A DT where one can get around by a good distibutor could be the back-bone of a great urban upward expansion in our fair town, no, it is a boack-bone of ANY good urban center. But that is enough about transit! LOL

Off my soap box,


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Well, it looks like they are planning on being in Curtis Hixon Park right now. More updates as they come in.

I think that could be a OK area as long as the WHOLE area gets developed correctly. Tampa could really use a fantastic museum like this. It really could define our DT if it was designed correctly.


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