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Renderings of Chene West and Parkshore Harbortown


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Here are some new renderings I found of the Chene West proposal along the International Riverfront that was supposed to start this summer. It looks like two floors where added since originally proposed. The complex will include a 10-story tower with groundfloor residential and parking, along with townhomes surrounding the site. It will include 108-110 units:









Go to Kraemer Design Group's website to see the animation. It's under "Our Work," and then "On the Boards"


Also, rough conceptual drawing for the Parkshore at Harbortown, that are apparently taking reservations accourding to http://www.downtownpartnership.org/ddp/hou...ouncements.htm:


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I'm not sure if I like the design, but I'm sure there are people who will that will make the project sucsessful, at least for 20 years untill everyone thinks, "good god what were they thinking!?" or untill it gets rennovated. But I think the layout will do what they say it will. Also, I like the different ground elevations.

Harbortown is just plain bad though. Hopefully they change their concept to something better, lol.

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I do figure that Chene West will be faced in EIFS/GFRC. I still think it's a safe design. Nothing great, but it definitely won't hurt the riverfront.

That Parkshore concept looks like it was put together by a child. I almost didn't want to post it, but it's the first we've seen of the concept in over a year.

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"Safe" is definitely a great way to put it. But man, I guess I was just expecting something a bit more impressive, and a bit more well...higher quality. The front looks really good. If they used a sort of stone or heavy material on the bottom with the metal on top that would look pretty sweet carried throughout the entire building. But it's completely white, which basically means its EIFS.

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But, you still have to take into account, that the likes of Chene West and East will be among the first riverfront towers we've seen in years, and that just like the Ellington was a huge step above Woodward Place, I suspect things can only get better from these. There are still chances with RiverEast, the UniRoyal site, and Harbortown.

I guess what I'm saying is that if Chene West is the worst Detroit gets on the East Riverfront, I'll take it.

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well, however it looks...

let's not the let the perfect be the enemy of the good

I think midrises instead of highrises along the riverfront is an excellent idea!

Let me explain...

As far as inducing further development on lots back away from the waterfront, if you build a highrise right on the water, it can kill demand for the lots a little further back.


If you limit building heights on the water to say 10-12 storys and allow ever increasing building heights the further back you go, you intice developers with the promise of expensive condos with views on the top floors.

It would create a step function of buildings away from the river.


I don't know if this is an original idea, but I've never heard it proposed before and it certainly doesn't seem to be the standard in peer cities like Chicago.


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The planning, I think, was more for a low-rise village from the RenCen all the way to the Belle Isle Bridge with maybe a few high-rises here and there, but more low-rise/village-like than anything else. Atwater is supposed to be the retail spine, and the residential are supposed to kind of frame it. It would seem they are placing more focus on the actual Riverwalk for public use than sightlines from Jefferson.

But, in a market like Detroits where the Planning Department seems to jump on the first thing that comes its way, I think the market is dictating development more than the Planning Department.

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Tracers concept is being enforced by the EDC/GEDC and tentative zoing ordaances. The concept is to limit building near atwater to 55' and then raise the limits to 100'+ by jefferson ave. Jefferson is the main throughfare. Atwater would be a slow water front street...not a corridor. the scale at atwater and the surrounding streets is supposed to be more pedstrian friendly versus the vehecular friendly jefferson ave. As always there is some exceptions with regards to set-backs from the street edge.

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I found some renderings of some other riverfront developments. Not these specificly, but closely related. Im not sure if any of these have ben posted already, but i couldnt find them on here.

The @water lofts



Chene East



And, an interactive flash thingy about Tri-Centenial State Park and its various Phases of Development


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Not sure if they've been posted here, but I've seen Chene East before. Of the three (Chene West, Chene East, and Atwater Lofts) I here that Chene East is still the one furthest behind, and both Chene West and Atwater are almost certain to be built. The paper did a blurb about each of these a few weeks ago. I forget which one has already been approved, but both of them have gotten the tax credits they need for part of their financing, I believe.

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No, it's quite a bit a ways back from Jefferson. I'm pretty sure the rendering of of it facing Atwater. You can see the RenCen rendered lightly into the background.

This whole district is centered around Atwater, Franklin, and Woodbridge, like is used to be. Jefferson is pretty much built out, and is the street that provides access to the district, and functions as a highway, of sorts, for Rivertown, not the main street. Not any part of GM's RiverEast is on Jefferson, and, In fact, I don't think any of the East Riverfront development has Jefferson in its plan.

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Thanks for posting that first rendering of @Water Lofts, dtown. I haven't seen that one yet and it looks fantastic! Keeping my fingers crossed that that development will be called something else. :)

Patiently awaiting not just groundbreaking (think Port Authority), but construction as well!

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