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Salisbury Mall


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What an interesting mall- colorful sidewalk, interesting anchors (Belk, Big Lots, a steakhouse, etc.), and apparently its owners have resurrected it from a state of near-death.

Any history or insights on this mall? Where was Belk's in Salisbury before the mall was built- downtown or in another shopping center?


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We need someone to post some pictures of this place. I can envision some classic late '70s-early '80s mallscapes.

It was built in 1986 but looks like a '70s mall; seems to be a brown-brick building with an odd brown and beige sidewalk around it, a big fountain, and a Belk and JCPenney as anchors, at both ends of the mall, with what must be a strip center attached to it, with a Big Lots and a dollar store and maybe more. I can't find any pictures and unfortunately don't think I'll be trekking to Salisbury again soon.

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