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Mississippi Coast to be 3rd Largest Gaming Market?


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The Mississippi Coast is set to ensure its place as the nation's third largest gaming market, behind only Las Vegas and Atlantic City in terms of revenue. The lower tax rate enjoyed by casinos in Mississippi has played a big part in this. Now if we could just get the details about what the $5 billion in new resorts will actually look like....

The CLarion Ledger

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I always thought Tunica was the third-largest casino market...

I personally think that it's going to take a bit of time for the coast to get on its feet to have the third ranking. It's going to be interesting to see if a North MS-South MS rivalry starts due to the casino markets.

I believe that Mississippi, as a whole, already is the 3rd largest gaming market. I think this article may be more bluster and boosterism than factual. However, the Coast could have a temporary edge once the new casinos are up and running. Of course, the Myriad could change everything if it gets off the ground. A rivalry could bring great things to both areas. Bring it on!

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