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Quick Trip to ATL


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Hey, everyone...

I'm coming to Atlanta on Monday (should arrive at around noon) and will be leaving on Thursday at around noon...any ideas of what I can do with such a short bit of time? Is this short? Any ideas are good! Thanks!

That's actually about enough time (if not enough) to see most of the best of what Atlanta has to offer.

Might I suggest:

To Visit:

  • Atlantic Station

  • Piedmont Park (should be great this time of year)

  • Centennial Olympic Park (Fountains are a great, free, and popular way to cool off from a hot day)

  • Cyclorama (great history)

  • High Museum of Art

  • Atlanta History Center

  • The GA Aquarium (if you can get in)

  • MLK Center in Sweet Auburn

  • Obeservation Deck at the Westin Peachtree ($5.00 if you aren't eating or staying there, but it's worth it)

  • GA State Capitol (A museum of state history is there)

To Eat:

  • The Varsity

  • Any one of a number of good soul food places around here (little help guys)

To Shop:

There are plenty of good small shops around the city as well as gift shops at mist of the places you'll visit, so here are a good couple of malls.

  • Lenox Square Mall

  • Phipps Plaza

  • Atlantic Station (worth the visit anyways)

Any help?

You might also want to visit my City Profile for more information. There is a visiting section on there as well.

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Thanks! I was surprised that it wasn't sold out b/c one of my friends in Atlanta said that it most likely would be sold out...glad to see that it isn't and that I don't have to buy tickets from a scalper to see a whale!!!

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