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Announcing UrbanPlanet.org Blogs! We will now host a basic blog for you absolutely free! This is available to all members that are part of one of the following groups:


Plus Members

Premium Members

Members+ will receive 4MB of global blog attachment space for free and this amount may be upgraded in the future to a larger amount. Plus members will receive 10MB of global blog attachment space and Premium members will receive 25MB of space.

To create your hosted blog with us simply visit My Controls and follow the appropriate link under Community Blog. Alternatively you can link your UrbanPlanet.org account with an external blog you have hosted elsewhere (ex. wordpress.com). If you choose to create a Friendly URL for your blog you will simply need to visit http://blog.urbanplanet.org/neo in the future to get to your blog (note to replace "neo" with the friendly URL name you entered).

*Note: The skin/theme for your blog should match UrbanPlanet.org. If it looks a little weird please go to your blog and click Your Blog Settings, go to the Look tab, and lock UP2006A to your skin by choosing it from the drop-down menu beside Lock to following skin.

Play around with it and have fun! I realize this won't be used by some as many of us have external blogs we regularly use and ones that contain more features than we currently offer here but it will give a chance to link your account here with your personal blog as well as offer those who want an easy to use blogging system tied directly with them here at UP.

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Top Posters In This Topic

It can be about anything but why would you have an UrbanPlanet.org blog and not write about urbanism? :P You can write about anything really, but some of our rules still carry over like no unsuitable content.

Thanks for the help!

Of course I'd put at least something about urbanism if I started one on UrbanPlanet!

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