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Small Restaurant Update

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In the restaurant thread someone mentioned that Tony Lins had opened on Alpine. I drove by yesterday and I see that there is a "new" restaurant there now - Three Sicilians. It didn't look open though.

Last night I took my boys to see Pearl Jam and we ate at XO Asian Cuisine before the show. It was very good, and the prices were very reasonable. Good service, except they seated us by the kitchen so we got to listen to busboy traffic through the whole meal - not so great. Perhaps because I had two young teens with me? Who knows.

Either way - good food. I ordered the green curry - yum! The boys had traditional chinese (sweet and sour, mongolian beef) they both were excellent as well.

BTW - Pearl Jam totally rocked last night - best show I've seen in a long time.


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I took my boys - their first concert. They've been listening to Pearl Jam since babyhood (oh the memories of hearing my 3 year old sing Glorified G). :D Now they are 12 and 14.

Anyway - truly great show. Next up - Red Hot Chili Peppers!

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