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  1. Can we change the name to something mythical? We got a theme going on here with the griffins and rise. The vball team shouldve been the Valkyries…. But the Lacross team could be the Grand Rapids Minotaur with a bulls heads similar to chicago bulls crossed with texas university longhorns or the GR Manticore with a manyicore silhouette
  2. that makes more sense. He didnt delve into too many details. the only parts of my conversation that still make me go “hmmmmm” were: 1) looking at a much larger stadium than originally planned 2) they were doing studies about tv feasibility 3) MLS major concerns was parking/market size and that they would want to build a massive ramp near the YMCA. maybe that stuff would be requirements for this new league?
  3. He told me that the 8500 wasnt concrete.
  4. So, some insider info…. One of my clients is working on this project….. they work for the MLS. They are apparently still exploring the team being in the MLS…
  5. Could do what they do in Asia, add an apartment tower on top of the mall… instant customers.
  6. I just wish we were doing this right and not just fast. I fear this will flop. Its like they dont want to invest the right amount to make a great place because they fear it wont work out, creating a self fulfilling prophecy. it looks like a somewhat nicer high school football stadium with a jumbotron (unless that gets value engineered out).
  7. Did anyone ask about combining with GVSU?
  8. Shouldve partnered with GVSU to make a D1 football stadium (smaller one 20k seats) and the pro soccer one. Definitely wouldve helped pay the bills…
  9. Yes, rivertown is super sad these days. Its all those weird local shops and empty fronts…. Reminds me of crossroads mall in kzoo… grandville needs to do something, offer tax credits or something…. That whole area will go down fast
  10. Maybe they will turn the JBZ land into the new Aquarium/coastal animals zoo and build an actual zoo further out… i really wish they could do it on the old landfill site….
  11. Pipe dream, but I agree. Would be amazing.
  12. Went to a hockey game at the VAA and good lord that place is showing its age… reminds me of what I thought of the old Muskegon Fury arena when they first built VAA. whats the lifespan of these things?
  13. What is this monstrosity?! How does this get approved by anyone, anywhere?
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