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Another Mixed use development in East Nashville?


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I waited to see if anyone would post this, so I figured I would go ahead myself. Another possible mixed use development across from the Rosepepper in East Nashville. William has known about this for some time and this ran in Fridays City Paper. There is also another article about this coming in this weeks NBJ.


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This will be an excellent addition to the area if the traffic and parking issues are settled appropriately. After reading the plan, I'm sure they'll do what needs to be done. Across from RosePepper, Chapel Bistro, the successful Scott Townhomes, and I'm still waiting for Portland Brew to open. This will change the face of that neighborhood in a big way. I'm looking forward to this development. Property values are soaring in the area. I was looking at a house out of curiosity that had been remodeled. This type of East Nashville house could have been had 15 years ago for 25,000, but after the re-hab and 2006 appreciation, it was on the market for $542,000. Holy smokes. There were 5 others of similar ilk, all priced at $450k and up. East Nashville has come a long way. At these prices, I think I'll keep my Inglewood house. The area is transforming at rapid fire pace.

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