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Downtown was buzzing this weekend!


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Downtown was buzzing this weekend with all the people in for the BMW Pro Am, and also, (didn't realize until I saw the banner on the Westin), Datastream is having it's Worldwide User Conference. I just sat on a bench for a coupe of hours yesterday and people watched (and evesdropped a little).....heard nothing but glowing compliments of the city from all the visitors. I think the next big weekend Greenville has an event / conference / convention, we as UP'ers should come up with a questionaire and work downtown, asking people / visitors for comments and feedback. Just an idea. Would gets lots of great feedback (obviously) and probably more forward thinking ideas. I ramble. Thoughts?



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I posted about this last week sometime and included a link to the website. At the time, ALL rooms at both the Westin Poinset and Hyatt Regency were SOLD OUT. I do know that several of the celebrities and pros in town for the BMW Charity Pro-Am have been staying in the Westin Poinset, so there is a good bit of activity all over downtown. The Datastream conference will be going on for the rest of this week as well. There are many different activities planned to keep everyone occupied and enjoying the Greenville area. :shades:


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