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Downtown On The "Cusp"


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When describing the energy going on downtown some people refer to this vitality and growth of downtown being, "On the cusp." What does this mean to you? Does this mean: building projects, a synergy of variables, and/or movement of more people downtown? What are we likely to see when we meet this "cusp"?

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If I were to finish the phrase "on the cusp" I would say:

Grand Rapids is on the cusp...of developing a critical mass of urbanites who, by their diversity, will help increase the sophistication of the city.

And then I would probably add, under my breath, "and not a moment too soon."

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A major local retailer or a national retailer?

If we don't know, how would we know? :dontknow:

I'm still amazed how much pedestrian traffic is around downtown on weekends compared to a year ago. GVSU had its graduation ceremony at the VAA and there were people in cap-n-gowns walking around all over downtown with family members. I kept wishing there was more for them to see/do downtown. Did anyone get a picture of the Invisible Children of Uganda Walk (I think is what it was called) that had about 1000 college students camped out around Rosa Parks Circle the other night, some of which had walked 40 miles?


I think the cleanliness, curb appeal and safety of our downtown is way undervalued. And DO NOT KEEP THAT A SECRET! :lol:

Edit: Sorry Rizzo, from where I sit, I think downtown is on the "cusp" (edge, precipice, verge) of becoming much better (although I think it's great now).

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