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Bush to cut funding for the national guard


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Once again another backwards thinking decision by the white house administration. Why is Bush planning to cut funding for our National Guard when we are suposedly fighting a war on terrorism. More importantly, the national guard needs all the funding it can get because Huricane season is around the corner. Our national guard needs the resources in case another Katrina hits or any other natural disaster for that matter. What are your opinions about this?


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Isn't it obvious? We're trying to reduce the deficit here! That means shifting the burden from the feds to the states, bloating spending on weapons programs, and cutting taxes for the rich. Those poor rich people... always on the defensive because those nasty evil democrats are trying to take their money away and give it to the icky, gross, lazy poor. It must be the gays too.. them and their evil plans to ruin marriage and Christianity and take over the world and indoctrinate your children with evil, unwholesome thoughts.... AHHHHH!!!

I don't even bother anymore. Our president is an inept loser and I can't wait for the day he is booted out of office.

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