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Hamburg Heights


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There is not much to this article, but it does inform us that the area west of downtown was once called Hamburg Heights, which dates back to the 1880s.

"At its peak... the neighborhood began near the area where Wakefield Buick and Pontiac is and included the Austin Street area and a portion of the Summer Hill Subdivision off West Main Street. "

Summer Hill is basicly the area west of Baltimore that includes Vanderbilt Rd. So basicly this neighborhood was the area between Wofford St, Baltimore, West Main and Old St John St. Perhaps a little larger. The newer subdivisions probably have altered the area some.


This is an area that has not really had a name that was well known. The City is making rennovation efforts in that area, and they are calling the area "Midtown." I personally prefer Hamburg Heights, and I wouldn't mind seeng that name stick again.

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The area is not that big at all. Its certainly no larger than Converse Heights. Like I said before, this area is one of the target areas for the city to reviatlize the housing stock and reinvest in that area in general. It could be on the rise again. I can't say for certain though.

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It's some decent houses in that area. I live in the Bluff's, so I go up Vanderbilt Rd. everyday commuting to Upstate. There's some decent houses in the area, but it starts to go to crap once you get towards Wofford Street near Hub City Courts (Established in 1941 :P ) Once you get past the Railroad track, it gets really bad up towards Howard Street.

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