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The jobs crisis in Connecticut


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It's not just taxes that affects the business climate, it's infrastructure. I don't have a link, but about 10 years ago a consultant presented what he thought would be needed to support Foxwoods plus any expected growth. He proposed RT2 being completed, RT2A to be completed to RT2, RT 164 widened to 4 lanes, and a light rail system. Needless to say he was run out of the Mystic Hilton for proposing a "driveway to the casino" that "we don't need". Preston could have zoned many farms that have since been developed as golf courses and housing subdivisions as industrial park, done something. People around here seem to like to prefer development that is detrimental to their own well-being. All across the northeast politicians and the idiots who put them in office are screwing up the future of what has historically been the richest region in the country.

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I coudlnt agree more. I think more emphasis needs to be put on letting voters know that CT is in crisis and in order to become more competitive in the job market and to for CT to keep its character which has made the state so attractive for something needs to be done- next election!!!

This is a great state and for every 100 jobs that leave there should more then 100 coming to the state. Its sad when even places like Hitchcock furnite decide its over.

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The easy answer would be to vote out Connectcut's Democratic legislature. But that ain't going to happen. How you can expect to grow Hartford when the state is viewed as anti-business is the tough question no one wants to deal with solving.

We definitely need to clean house in the state legislature. There to many bad choices being made there.

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