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Magic and Knicks Trade.


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No, one was robbed. as much as I loved Francis' game, He is becoming more and more of a whiner, which is all he is going to do in NY. If he complained so much under Van Gundy for being too strict in Houston(which was a much better team than his Magic) then imagine how he will respond to Larry Brown's coaching tactics. I still don't see the knicks being that good with him anyway because they have too many guys on the same team who do the same things. they need more diversity in their roster.

On the other side, Orlando gets their old town home town hero back in Penny Hardaway. After the decade long, "where the hell is penny," wouldn't it be great if he somehow returned to that allstar status for the next couple of years or so and finished his career where he started. I mean, Penny can still play. He is still really good, but he's been battling injury. which brings another question. are the magic going to be able to have Penny and Grant if they are both continsistantly injured?

PS: Iverson was literally only seconds away from going to Denver! That would have been great!

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